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Cape Advanced Engineering specialises in bio-gas production & processing, and waste & water management for renewable energy generation, water reclamation and sustainable food production.

We develop local technology, products, systems & complete power plants, and our renewable energy projects span a broad scope of development roles – from concept through design & manufacture to plant construction & operation.

We fulfil our partners’ requirements for appropriate waste stream management & reliable energy provision, while producing valuable bio-fertiliser to improve soil health & crop yields.

We operate several bio-gas power generation, waste treatment, bio-fertiliser & water reclamation plants in South Africa and Namibia, as commercial enterprises, in partnership with our project hosts.


Biogas Energy Generation

Cape Advanced Engineering (Pty) Ltd specialises in the design, construction, maintenance, and operation of electricity and bio-fertiliser producing biogas plants and related equipment. CAE-operated plants are currently located in South Africa and Namibia.

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Design & Fabrication

Cape Advanced Engineering (Pty) Ltd has a well-equipped manufacturing facility. Assembly, Welding, and low-volume CNC machining services (CNC milling, turning, and drilling) are available, perfect for rapid prototyping and other small-batch applications. CAD and drafting services are also available.

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Research & Development

With a rich academic history, Cape Advanced Engineering (Pty) Ltd prides itself in conducting ongoing research and development in the renewable energy sector. The areas of interest range from ongoing bio-digester operations and CHP units powered by biogas to optimised use of bio-fertiliser.

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About us

Cape Advanced Engineering Ltd has a rich engineering history as the centre of excellence in engine and fuel technology at Stellenbosch University (1993–1999) and was privatised in 1999.

Since shifting to the renewable energy sector in 2007, we have continued to build on our expertise within the biogas industry and add positive impact to the agronomic development of farm-scale installations.

Contact Details

07h30 – 16h00 (Mon - Fri)

9 Tom Henshilwood Street, Atlantis Industrial, Atlantis, Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa, 7349